@Ottawafooty7s Advent Calendar – Dec 2nd


The second advent calendar photo comes from June and it is from the Sunday Summer league at the new Matt Anthony Field at OttawaU. We were the first league to play on the brand new surface and this was a goal worthy of gracing the new field. Lovely little sidefoot roll into the bottom corner, and a nice big Canada flag dominating the background. Love it.

Remember if it’s you that we’ve tacked the Santa hat* onto, drop us a tweet @OttawaFooty7s and we’ll send you an Ottawa Footy Sevens shirt.

The original of the photo and the other photo galleries from this year’s leagues can be found here.

An explanation of our advent calendar can be found here.

*Or we may shove on a big snowman’s top hat. Who knows? It depends upon how whimsical we’re feeling at the time . . .


5 thoughts on “@Ottawafooty7s Advent Calendar – Dec 2nd

    1. Sometimes you have to add a placebo, just to make sure somebody is paying attention . . .

      One Santa Hat, ah, screw it, let`s go for a big daft snowman`s top hat instead, coming right up!

      Glad you like it, thanks for the positive review Krista!

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