#Kickingcancersbutt 2011: The winning goal!

Video: The winning goal from 2011 Final

I’ve just stumbled across this on youtube. Miguel, the captain of 2011 Kicking Cancer’s Butt champions Inca Kola Bros captured the tournament winning goal on film and had posted it online. The goal is about 2:10 into the video and was the only goal of a close final against Nutmeg F.C., securing the title with only 3 minutes to go.

Warning: Video cameras also pick up sound + people get excited watching footy + people sometimes use colourful language when exited = You do the math.

(Just kidding, it’s not at all bad but there are a couple of wee sweary words audible during the video)

For further details of this year’s tournment, please go to tournaments.ottawafootysevens.com or contact Chris at kickingcancersbutt@ottawafootysevens.com.

2011 Champions
2011 Champions: Inca Kola Bros

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