Ottawa Photy-shop Sevens

Marco posted this on our facebook page and we thought it was too good not to share. . .

Great Work Marco's wife!
My wife caught this photo of me setting up a ball for a volley off the chest, but she said it looked like something else was happening and then went to work with photoshop… I had to show off her work.

Thanks to Marco for posting that and Marco’s wife for the photography and photoshopping! Marco also suggested “Clown but Not Out” in response to the last blog post about Dave in the clown suit, which would have been a MUCH better title for the post.

We’re always happy to see any Footy Sevens related nonsense, feel free to post it on our facebook forum or send it to

Our own humble effort at photoshopping, (or more precisely crudely hacking a cut and paste together on MS Paint) was a picture we snapped of one of the members of the Footy Sevens management team making an entirely innocent attempt to block, but looked dodgy when taking out of context. It led to a bit of light hearted slagging pinging back and forth by e-mail. Of course we probably should have been working to make your leagues even better rather than salving away on photo editing that looks as if it was created by a 5 year-old. . . .

“An unsavory over the ball tackle in one of the games. Luckily I just happened to catch it on camera, but it is a bit fuzzy.
Do any of you recognise this guy from any of the other nights?”
Looks like its not his first offense, ended the poor guys career…
Jeez, that’s pretty mean. But it’s not all bad. there was the time he saved that village from the attack of the Giant Mole-Man. . .

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