Oceans 11 open the floodgates for Kicking Cancer’s Butt 4

Ocean's 11 posterOcean’s 11 have stolen ahead of the pack to Damon-state their speed and generosity to reach the the $250 minimum donation to the Ottawa Regional Cancer Foundation. That Mac‘s them the first team in to Pitt themselves into the mix for the Gould medal position and the coveted Kicking Cancer’s Butt trophy. It’s Clooney a matter of time before other teams join them, and we Gar-ci-a team or two already registering.

That last Andy Garcia one was a bridge to far on the tortured Ocean’s 11 puns*, so we’ll end the puns here, but registration is now open for Kicking Cancer’s Butt 4.

You can find all the links to tournament details, team and individual registration on the Kicking Cancer’s Butt blog page.

*Apologies to Julia Roberts, I know she is one of the main stars of the movie, but I just couldn’t come up with a terrible pun for her name. I’m sure she is devastated . . .


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