One Day Only: Bribe the Ref!



There was a young ref who thought
That he could be easily bought
In exchange for a bill,
He’d blow his whist-ill,
And immediately point to the spot.

If you haven’t played in the Kicking Cancer’s Butt tournament before, you probably won’t quite know what to make of those few lines (other than that they are a truly awful piece of “poetry”). What better way to explain a rule than with a Limerick? Hmm, perhaps we should write all of our rules in limerick form. . .

If you play the ball with your hand,
You’ll get a yellow card or be banned,
And if you repeat the infraction,
The ref will take action
And you’ll watch the rest of the game from the stands

Ah, well. . . perhaps not. Anyway, during the Kicking Cancer’s Butt tournament, bribing the ref is not only allowed, it is actively encouraged!

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