Kicking Cancer’s Butt 5 is here!

KCB 5 - Ottawa Footy Sevens

Its finally the morning of the tournament and the coveted Kicking Cancer’s Butt cup is making its way to Louis Riel. The Stanley Cup always travels first class, the World Cup accompanied by a team of security guards and the Kicking Cancer’s Butt Cup in a 2008 Mazda 3. #whoneedsanentourage?

Good luck to everyone competing, have a fantastic day and keep bribing those refs. Special Mention to the individuals teams, Do it Live, Swift Kick in the grASS! and Zinidine Shenanigans who have all raised over $600 for the Ottawa Regional Cancer Foundation. Amazing guys, absolutely amazing. The tournament total stands at over $8500 before a ball has been kicked.

Schedules for all sections can be found in the Schedule and Standings section of the Ottawa Footy Sevens website.

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