Spring is here!

game of thrones crests footy 2016

This time of year always means the start of two things that people have been waiting all winter for: a new season of Game of Thrones and a chance to get back to outdoor footy.

Although we’re already onto the second episode of Game of Thrones, the first outdoor Footy Sevens games of the spring season are just getting underway at Carleton U. As always we promise no spoilers, a great season of soccer ahead and a shameless retread of our GoT graphic from a couple of years ago.

We’ll be playing outdoors at Carleton all the way through to Halloween, and this year the honour of kicking if all off goes to All Blacks United, Cleat Sharks, Foot Loose, Furyiest Lynx, Pitches Be Crazy and The Onions. We’d like to wish them and the other 44 teams kicking off at Carleton U today the best of luck for the new season.

As well as our two coed Sunday leagues at Carleton, our Monday, Wednesday and Friday Coed and Friday and Sunday men’s will also be kicking off this week. If you still want to get in on the action, our Sunday 90 minute league, Monday coed, Wednesday coed and Sunday men’s league are sold out but we still have the final spaces available in our Friday coed, Friday men’s and Sunday afternoon coed leagues. A handful of individual slots are also up for grabs.

And although the leagues are already starting at Carleton, don’t forget you still have plenty of time to organise a team for our annual Kicking Cancer’s Butt Tournament at the same venue on Saturday June 11th. Please join us for a great day of footy and to help us raise over $10,000 for the Ottawa Regional Cancer Foundation.

For registration and information on all our soccer leagues, head over to the Ottawa Footy Sevens Website or drop us an e-mail.

For information on our spring and summer volleyball and indoor sports leagues, please go to the Ottawa Court and Turf site.


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