Footy Spartans

Friday Coed Footy and our 300th Post

We posted our Friday flag football pics yesterday, and here are a few men’s and coed pictures from the same evening. The coed winds up this evening, but the men will be toughing it out for one more night next week. Good luck to everyone playing playoff games over the next two weeks.

We’ll be continuing our Friday night leagues through the fall and winter with Coed at Ottawa University’s Lees Dome and men’s remaining at Carleton University in the fieldhouse. The last few team spots in each league are up for grabs and a $250 deposit can secure your team’s spot if you head over to the Footy Sevens Website.

And since this is the 300th post published on the blog, we thought we’d mark it by recycling the 300 image from earlier this year. Halloween tip: these outfits are NOT recommended for late October in Ottawa. Or pretty much any other time.

Footy Spartans

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